Monday, September 19, 2011

Marketing with passion: Lea Worth

Lea Worth came to New Zealand, from Australia, on what was supposed to be a working holiday and fell in love.  With both New Zealand and the man she married – and 36 years later she is still here.
“We have three children two of whom  work in our jewellery manufacturing business with my husband,” Lea tells me with a smile. “Our youngest daughter is at the Broadcasting College in Christchurch.  After 30 years John and I are  empty nesters.”

Lea was working in the St Lukes shopping centre management office, assisting with marketing following the first major redevelopment of the centre, when in 1994 she was appointed acting marketing manager.   From there she was promoted to marketing manager of Glenfield Mall, at the time in the process of gaining resource consent for major redevelopment.

In 1997 when Westfield took over the management of St Lukes Group Lea was again promoted.
“I was made National Events Marketing Manager and was running national promotions across the ten centres in the portfolio.”

Newmarket Business Association(NBA) approached Lea in 2006 and asked her to become Newmarket marketing manager giving her the opportunity to work with (now councillor) Cameron Brewer and A-lister Di Goldsworthy.
“When I took over the role, Newmarket had no marketing strategy and no distinct brand position.  Four years on Newmarket is now known the length of the country as ‘The Fashion Capital of New Zealand’  - a title  I came up with as part of a complete marketing strategy to underpin Newmarket as our  premier shopping centre.”

During her time with the Association, Lea launched the Newmarket Young Designer award.  During the first two years of the award over $300,000 in public relations was generated for NBA  members and sponsors and attracted young designers from throughout the country.    Winners were flown to New York and worked back stage at kiwi designer Karen Walker's New York fashion show.
“They also received a scholarship to Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design and an internship working alongside New Zealand designer Vicki Taylor.”

“Looking back I can proudly say Newmarket benefited from the strong branding and events IImplemented, so now I’m looking for  projects in event marketing with a focus on  fashion and retail.  I’m a confident, professional and proactive person and have the ability to solve problems and use my initiative to meet challenging situations so I’m really looking for something to sink my teeth into.”©2010 Angelique Jurd – All Rights Reserved.

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